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About Me

Greetings! I'm Lin, and I wear many hats in this beautiful journey called life - a devoted wife, a nurturing Mama, and a passionate Photographer, proudly rooted in the heart of Gold Coast, QLD.


I'm all about capturing life's real, unfiltered beauty, specializing in family and event photography. Since 2020, I've been weaving stories of love, joy, and connections for families in Gold Coast and Brisbane, creating timeless snapshots of their most treasured memories.

Making sure every photo session is an enjoyable one is always my top priority. Your comfort and happiness means everything to me. When you step in front of my camera, it's not just a shoot - it's an experience that brings out your true self and lets you have a great time along the way.

Being a mom myself, I've truly grasped the art of cherishing every single family moment. Through my lens, I'm all about catching those raw emotions - the tears, laughter, and even the occasional tantrum - because that's what makes your story uniquely yours.


Each family I meet becomes a fascinating canvas for me. I draw inspiration from the whimsical adventures of kids and the intricate threads that tie us all together as humans. My goal is to freeze not just moments, but also the invisible ties that make your family truly one-of-a-kind.


Candid moments are my jam, and family photography is my heart and soul. In those spontaneous shots, I unearth genuine emotions and the realness of everyday life. It's in those fleeting instants that I discover the unfiltered love that defines your family's journey. That's what drives my passion for photography - transforming these moments into artistic, visually striking memories.


Behind the lens, I'm not just capturing pictures; I'm preserving memories that'll stand the test of time. It's a privilege I hold close to my heart, and I'm honored to be the one trusted with your family's story. So whether it's the gentle touch between parents, the giggles exchanged by siblings, or the vibrant energy of an event, I'm here to capture it all - weaving your moments into a visual tapestry of emotions.


Welcome to my world, where every snapshot reflects life's extraordinary journey. Let's hop on this creative ride together and let me craft the pages of your family's story through the art of photography.

Lin makes the experience of being photographed so pleasant and fun. We booked Lin to photograph our daughters 3rd birthday party after her husband Bruce photographed her 1st birthday. The photos we received were fantastic and a beautiful way to capture quite a chaotic day of a 3 year old birthday party with all her friends. I highly recommend Lin as a photographer and have to thank her again for an excellent experience and end result! Thank you!"

"Lin was absolutely incredible. Made us feel so comfortable and was the perfect person to capture our first family photo. The end results are better than I could’ve ever imagined. We have definitely found our family photographer who we will use every year. Thank you Lin for capturing some of our favourite forever photos."

“Lin took the most beautiful photos of our family and she had so much patience during our big family photoshoot. She made sure she knew everyone by name before the session started and she made everyone feel comfortable while taking the most beautiful family photos. What a lovely experience. She is affordable but the quality of her work is exceptional. Thank you Lin! Would highly recommend you to anyone wanting their precious moments captured on camera.”

Contact Me

Tel: 0416 567 666

Thank you. Will be in touch soon.

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